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This Hilarious Video Shows A Bulldog Plowing Through The Snow With Her Head

Posted at 12:00 PM, Dec 07, 2019

If you have a bulldog at home, you might not need a snowplow this winter, no matter how much snow falls. If you don’t believe it, you should see this video that’s gone viral showing a bulldog making light work of the white stuff in Boulder, Colorado.

In the clip posted to Instagram by her owners, Gypsy the bulldog (a.k.a the “bull-dozer”) is seen playing in the snow. Which basically involves moving the snow around with her large nose. Clearly someone had already shoveled the walk, but Gypsy felt the task wasn’t quite complete. By the end of the video, it’s obvious that she’s a little out of puff from her exertions.

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Bull-dozer ❄️

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“Gypsy The Surfing Bulldog” is an English bulldog sired by the 2012 American Kennel Club champion Black Bart, and her Instagram page, which has more than 4,800 followers, has more than enough cute pictures and videos to keep dog-lovers happy.

Check out Gypsy looking super cozy indoors — possibly after an energetic snow-plowing session? She definitely deserves a nap after that.

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Piggy in a blanket 🐷

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When she’s not playing in the snow, Gypsy likes to have some fun on the surf. Clearly, she’s a dog of many talents. Plus, the American Kennel Club says bulldogs need “regular moderate exercise,” so she’s definitely ticking that box.

The viral “bull-dozer” video has made thousands fall in love with Gypsy.

“I simply cannot stop watching this!!!” wrote one commenter. “Makes me so incredibly happy. I miss my bulldog and the clownish things he would do!”

Another posted, “Probably the best thing I’ve ever seen.”

The American Kennel Club describes the bulldog as “kind but courageous,” which sounds about right. These traits, plus the fact that they weigh up to 50 pounds, make them the perfect canine competitor in a snow-shoveling competition. And the best playmate, if you just want to have fun in the slush.

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