FORECAST: Isolated Rain Showers Tonight

Posted at 5:24 AM, Jun 08, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-08 23:04:01-04

CLEVELAND — Heavy rain and thunderstorms have pushed off to the east tonight. Leaving behind, just a couple of lingering rain showers through the Thursday AM rush. Low temperatures tonight will drop into the middle and upper 50s.

After that isolated rain shower fades Thursday morning, we should see some sunshine mixing with clouds for the rest of the day. That means dry weather will allow you to get outside for yard work or just some relaxation thru the afternoon and evening. Temperatures will be cooler than average with highs temperatures generally in the low 70s.

Friday will begin with some sunshine and end with mostly cloudy skies. The rain chances for Friday are less than 10% area-wide. So, once again, we've got a chance to get outside.

Saturday looks pretty dry with highs in the middle 70s. A few Sunday rain showers are possible with warm highs again in the middle and upper 70s.


  • Isolated showers tonight
  • Lows in the 50s
  • Isolated Thursday AM showers
  • Then some PM sunshine
  • Limited rain chances ahead
  • BIG heat possible next week.


Wednesday Night: Isolated rain showers. Mostly cloudy. | Low: 55º

Thursday: Few showers early, drying afternoon. | High: 71º

Friday: AM sunshine. PM clouds. | High: 76º

Saturday: Partly to mostly cloudy. | High: 74º

Sunday: Partly cloudy with a few rain showers. | High: 75º

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