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High winds? How to prepare for that power outage

Posted at 11:48 AM, Dec 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-12-11 11:49:25-05

CLEVELAND — Northern Ohioans are no stranger to severe weather. Be it severe thunderstorms or major winter weather events, we see it all. One of the biggest and most common impacts from severe weather for you and me is the dreaded power outage.

Whether your electricity goes out for a few minutes, a few hours or even several days, power failures can be an inconvenience or even a danger to many. Today's high winds are a reminder that a few simple steps can help us weather the storm more effectively.

Here are a few quick reminders of how to prepare for the potential weather-related power outage:

1) KEEP YOUR ELECTRONIC DEVICES CHARGED. While the power is still on, plug in those laptops, iPads and cell phones.

2) FIND THE FLASHLIGHTS. Nobody likes bumping into things in a dark home. Test your flashlight now and keep it handy.

3) GOT BATTERIES? A flashlight is no good without fresh batteries. Do you have some?

4) NON-PARISHABLE FOOD. For many of us in an all-electric home, that stove or microwave wont work without electricity. Keep some fresh bagged snacks ready in the pantry. Some canned goods that don't need to be heated are also a good go-to when you are hungry. Heck, who doesn't love a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Do you have some bread?

5) DON'T OPEN THE FRIDGE OR FREEZER IF YOU DON'T HAVE TO. Keep the cold inside those appliances. Don't open the doors! Heck, if you are worried about food spoiling in a warm refrigerator, put that milk and juice, etc in a sturdy plastic cooler and set it outside...Its Winter, and temperatures will fall into the 20s and 30s tonight. That will keep it all cold!

6) GOT WATER? For those country dwellers with well water... you need electricity to pump water into the house. Grab a gallon or two ahead of time for drinking and flossing. Fill up the bath tub so you can flush. Sounds crazy, but water is a commodity in extended power outages.

7) GAS UP THE CAR. Gas pumps run on electricity too. No power? Then no gas.

8) MISC ITEMS: First aid kit, car cell phone charger, candles, matches, battery powered radio, hand sanitizer, warm blankets for cold winter nights and cash! Hopefully, any power outages from today's wind event wont last long. But, its always better to be safe than sorry!

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