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Over the cold temperatures? When Northeast Ohio typically sees the last freeze of the year

Average last freeze, frost and snow
Posted at 9:07 AM, Apr 29, 2022

CLEVELAND — Brrrr!! It has been very cold over the last few days. Temperatures well below normal have caused frosty and freezing mornings. I have been asked multiple times this week...when will the cold end?!

To clarify, a hard freeze is defined by a temperature of 28º (or colder), a freeze is temperatures of 29º - 32º, and a frost is from 33º-36º.
According to climatology compiled by the National Weather Service for Cleveland, the normal latest freeze is April 23; and the typical latest frost is May 4th.


Below shows additional information regarding the last spring freeze climatology include data for Akron-Canton, Erie, Mansfield, Toledo and Youngstown.

nom 2.jpg

When will it be safe to plant?!

The map below from the National Weather Service looks back over the 20 years to show the average last freeze date around our communities. Notice how cities to the east have different dates and statistics.

screen shot 1.jpg

You can also see on this map that on average, early to mid-May is a good estimation of when a freeze is less likely and it becomes safer for vegetation. That is only a few days away! However, keep in mind every year is different. For example, the latest frost/freeze in Cleveland was on June 11.