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These Wine Glasses Make It Look Like There’s A Shark Swimming In Your Wine

Posted at 2:08 PM, Dec 30, 2019

Drinking wine is fun. But have you ever been sipping your favorite pinot and seen a shark fin appear in the glass? Sold on Etsy, these shark wine glasses take imbibing to the next level and will make for a fun surprise the next time you have friends over for some vino.

These fin-tastic 22-ounce shark wine glasses are handmade with lead-free crystal and the Etsy seller promises “adventure awaits in every sip.”

The shark is anchored in the center of the wine glass. With a generous pour, the shark is completely covered. But, cue the “Jaws” theme song: After a few sips, a menacing fin appears. Dun-dun. Then the torso. Dun-dun. Then, as you’re ready to finish off your glass of wine, the full shark in all of its glory presents itself. Dun-dun-dun!

Anyone else think a bold red wine feels especially dramatic for these shark attack wine glasses?

The wine glasses start at $29.95 a piece and are sold by TheSharkWineGlass shop on Etsy.

The online description offers this: “Fortunately for the drinker, this shark is docile — although mighty thirsty! He prefers red seas of wine but enjoys blush and white seas as well.”

Online reviews rave about these unique wine glasses, giving accolades for the wine glasses being well made and suggesting them as a fun and unique gift for wine-lovers (and those who have a penchant for Shark Week and the mysteries of Megalodon!).

In addition to sharks, the Etsy seller also makes other delightful under-the-sea-themed wine glasses. These 22-ounce dolphin stemless wine glasses ($29.95) have a 3-D blue whale inside.


Or, this stemless octopus wine glass ($29.95) has an octopus and its tentacles whirling about inside the glass. This stemless glass ($29.95) gets the starfish treatment.

Basically, you could have an entire collection of sea creatures in your cabinet! We’ll toast to that! 

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