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There’s Now A Classification For How Much Meat You Eat Off Your Chicken Wings — Thanks To This Viral Post

Posted at 10:43 AM, Dec 16, 2019

There’s really no clean way to eat chicken wings. They’re inevitably going to cause a mess, but the number of wet wipes you need after polishing off a plate of your favorite wings might come down to how much meat you actually manage to eat off each wing.

If you’ve never given the topic much thought, Twitter user @ImpHolla helpfully provided a visual chart in the form of a photo of wings eaten in progressive degrees of completion and classified accordingly on a scale of “1” through “5”.  A “1” looks like only a few nibbles were taken, while a “5” makes me wonder if the eater had some type of special tool to assist them in getting the bone that clean, as surely human hands and teeth alone would not be capable of that level of wing demolishing.

Check it out for yourself:

“I’m a 3 1/2,” @ImpHolla declared.

It wasn’t long before the tweet caught fire, and people began chiming in with their own numbers and their impassioned thoughts on the topic. People were definitely divided on the topic of just how much wing is appropriate to eat.

@mr_mookie felt that anything less than a “4” is “disrespectful”:

On the other end of the spectrum, @brazyazzzay declared themselves more of a 1, adding that seafood is more their style:

@db_diva explained that she and her husband use a team approach to making sure no part of the wing goes to waste:

A TODAY food editor, @RicepirateMick, even weighed in, providing a new classification based upon his superior wing-cleaning skills:

Wow! Who knew that chicken wing-eating could be so controversial? The original tweet now has more than 3,000 retweets and more than 14,000 likes.

Where do you stand in the great chicken wing-eating debate? Do you polish off every last morsel, or do you prefer to leave a few shreds in the name of decorum?

If you need some inspiration to test out where you fall on the scale, check out this recipe for crispy baked parmesan garlic wings. Or get in on the pickle-everything trend with these pickleback chicken wings.

As long as you’re enjoying that chicken, it’s all good, right?

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