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Candy Corn Gets A Fruity Makeover With New Blackberry Cobbler Flavor

Candy Corn Gets A Fruity Makeover With New Blackberry Cobbler Flavor
Posted at 7:00 AM, Sep 02, 2020

Spooky season is almost upon us, and you know what that means: It’s time for the great candy corn debate. Candy corn is one of those foods that inspires extreme feelings on both sides of the aisle — you either love it or you hate it. But your thoughts about this polarizing candy might change if you knew that it came in a bunch of appealing flavors, including a brand-new fruity variety.

This year, you can fill candy dishes and trick-or-treaters’ candy buckets with blackberry cobbler candy corn. Instead of the signature yellow, orange and white, this version comes in white, purple and black, so it’s very aesthetically on-theme for Halloween. Blackberry cobbler is a perfect fall dessert flavor, too.

At HalfNuts, you can buy one pound of blackberry cobbler candy corn for $5, with approximately 300 pieces in each pound. The new flavor went viral on Facebook, and judging by the comments, some people are just not willing to give candy corn a chance no matter what flavor it comes in.

Meanwhile, others commenting on this post from Budget101 can’t wait to try out the new flavor.

If you’re on the more experimental side, there are other exciting new candy corn flavors to try this year.

Candy company Brach’s created Thanksgiving dinner-flavored candy corn, which includes each signature Thanksgiving dish — roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, green beans, stuffing, ginger-glazed carrots and sweet potato pie — in candy corn form.

Plus, Brach’s has s’mores candy corn and Milk Maid Caramels candy corn available. In the past, Brach’s also created limited-edition cookie-flavored candy corn.


Who knows what candy companies will come up with next? Even if you’re a die-hard candy corn hater, you’ll probably find a flavor that you enjoy somewhere!

And if you do adore candy corn, there are plenty of other ways to experiment, too. These days, candy corn has been used to flavor everything from popcorn to beer.

No matter how controversial candy corn is, it doesn’t look like this seasonal confection is going away anytime soon. It’s just as popular as ever!

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