Aurora nursing home reports COVID-19 death, 10 residents with cases, 4 staff

Anna Maria
Anna Maria nursing home
Posted at 11:17 AM, Apr 02, 2020

AURORA, Ohio — An 85-year-old resident at the Anna Maria nursing facility in Aurora died after being treated for COVID-19, and 10 residents and four employees have confirmed cases, according to a statement sent by the Campus of Anna Maria of Aurora.

The patients include one confirmed case at neighboring Kensington Care Center in Aurora, according to an email sent by administrators to families of residents.

There are no confirmed cases at the Anna Maria assisted/independent living facility at this time.

Anna Maria
Google Map image of Anna Maria nursing home in Aurora

The four staff members with confirmed cases are home in isolation in accordance with Ohio Department of Health and CDC guidelines, the email states. No other staff at the Kensington or independent living facilities have tested positive.

The staff is converting the Anna Maria rehab unit into an isolation and recovery area for residents who have tested positive. They have also set up a portion of Kensington’s East Hall as a quarantine and COVID-19 recovery area.

The Campus of Anna Maria of Aurora released the following statement:

At Anna Maria, the health and well-being of our staff and residents is our top priority. We are sad to confirm that yesterday morning one of our residents, an 85 year-old with significant health conditions, passed away at a local hospital after being treated for COVID-19. Our community is devastated by the loss, and our hearts go out to the family of that resident. HIPAA privacy guidelines prevent the sharing of personal patient information, but we can also confirm that we currently have 10 residents who have tested positive for the virus. Four of our staff members have also contracted the virus, and they are both recovering in isolation at home in accordance with CDC, CMS, and ODH guidance.

We continue to work closely with the Portage County Health Department and carefully follow the infection prevention and control guidance issued by the CDC, CMS, the Ohio Department of Health, and related directives from Governor Mike DeWine's office for all our residents. We have converted our segregated rehab unit as an isolation and recovery area for our effected residents, and our Medical Director continues to monitor our residents and staff members.

As this crisis sweeps across the nation, our hearts are with our residents and their families as we continue to support our recovering residents, and care for our community of staff and residents.

The medical director for Portage County's health district said keeping infected residents isolated in the nursing home is an effective way to limit the spread in the community.

"As long as they're stable and able to maintain the fever down to where it needs to be, and they're not getting short of breath or having other acute issues, then that would be a good location for them to be," said Dr. Mark Arredondo. "They have very close coordination of staff to address their issues."

He said the nursing home has also limited the number of health care providers that come and go, hoping to limit the spread of COVID-19 to other nursing facilities where those caregivers see patients.

"That's why we're doing that, to try and protect the residents and protect the public as well," said Arredondo.