Despite recent fixes, dangerous Cleveland potholes persist jarring any car that goes by

Posted at 6:47 AM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-06 16:23:16-05

5 On Your Side Investigators are responding to your concerns about dangerous roads in our area. You told us about West 117th Street in Cleveland and, sure enough, there's a section that's very familiar to us.

"I hate 'em. They're tearing up tires,” said one driver while sitting in her car waiting for the light to turn green at West 117th Street and Lorain Avenue.

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“I've replaced my tires 3 times already,” said a different driver after winding down her window.

A viewer told us about a monster of a pothole there on West 117th and our camera caught hundreds of cars slamming right into it.

"It causes a lot of damage to the cars,” said Hailey Nutter. She works in that area and has seen the effects of that dangerous spot. "It's not good for customers that come around the area"

However, it's not just that giant pothole that's an issue. We found good-sized holes leading up to it and all around it. Cars swerving in an out of lanes. It's all a big problem especially for a pickup truck recently that had tools in the back.

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"When they were going down the street, they hit the pothole and all their tools flew out the back of it and went all over the street,” Nutter explained.

“Every year right around this corner (there are pothole problems),” said Joe Small who’s a pizza delivery guy. 

He’s right. Four years ago we were out there. The same exact area has the same kind of hard-hitting holes. 

The city of Cleveland did respond to our last report. So, as soon as we saw that area again, we contacted city reps right away. We checked back on West 117th and city crews did make some repairs.

Meanwhile, drivers demand a more permanent solution. "They fixed this one over here a few times, but it just keeps breaking away,” said Nutter.