Residents respond to problems with potholes not being filled: 'I believe we deserve better'

Posted at 9:39 AM, Feb 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-19 09:39:49-05

As part of our on-going investigation "Broken roads, Broken system," 5 On Your Side Investigators have uncovered more issues with pothole patching in the city of Cleveland.

We found holes are not getting filled and people are questioning the quality of work when potholes are patched.

"If you do drive down this road, you feel like your axle's going to fall off,” said Lucas Nordyke. He’s talking about Ford Drive on Cleveland's east side. The city told us, crews finished patching holes there the day before. "It's just cracked and uneven and potholes everywhere,” Nordyke told us.

Nordyke and many others said they see the patches are now mounds making rides bumpy and many potholes were just flat out missed.

It's a curious thing because you can see the pothole patching crew was already out on Ford Dr., but just three to four steps away on Juniper Rd., there are potholes, then more a few feet from that, and a big one near the end of the street.

"I'm guessing there's some operational management issue going on," said Kate Mozynski who used to go to school in that area. We told her about potholes not getting patched when crews were already out. In fact, just two days prior a crew filled a few holes on Juniper in front of a coffee shop, then left others untouched.

We asked her if that made sense to her. “Not particularly, no."

And remember we showed you work being done on Harvard Avenue last week. Holes were supposed to be filled up through E.190th St. but when we checked on it again, we found many potholes not touched.

“You still see, they have potholes that they didn't even bother to fill," said Kimberly Brown. We featured Brown last week talking about the need for filling the rim rattlers.

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She came back out with us. "These are our streets. The city did a sub-standard service here,” said Brown looking at Harvard Ave. “And it's still not acceptable…and we still want action."

The city told us crews have to stick with the systematic approach to potholes. They can't fill holes on nearby streets even if they're just feet away from their scheduled runs.

That has Clevelanders a bit baffled. "This is our community. I live in this ward and I believe we deserve better,” said Brown.

The city does tell us Harvard Ave. will be repaved this year. Until that time, residents said more needs to be done that betters the quality of the work and the roads.