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Akron Zoo's 2 newborn snowy owlets die at 3 weeks old

Posted at 1:44 PM, Aug 24, 2022
and last updated 2022-08-24 13:44:49-04

AKRON, Ohio — The Akron Zoo is mourning the loss of their pair of snowy owlets that weren't even a month old.

The owlets made their arrival into the world Sunday, July 31 and Wednesday, Aug 3.

They died early Tuesday morning.

Autopsy results performed on the pair were inconclusive and there were no visible signs of trauma, injury or illness.

The pair's parents, male Frost and female Cirrus, remain in good health.

According to the Snowy Owl Species Survival Plan, snowy owls have a 33% mortality rate in their first year.

“We are heartbroken at the sudden passing of our two owlets,” said Shane Good, senior director of animal care at the Akron Zoo. “Our avian care team worked tirelessly to provide a comfortable environment for our snowy owls to breed, and we will continue to offer Frost and Cirrus the best care. The unexpected loss of our owlets is very deeply felt by our staff, who dedicate their lives to providing exceptional care to all our animal residents every day.”

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