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Clawdia, a rare blue lobster rescued from the tank at Red Lobster, will make her debut at Akron Zoo

Posted at 2:03 PM, Feb 10, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-10 14:03:21-05

AKRON, Ohio — A rare blue lobster that was on display in a tank at Red Lobster in Cuyahoga Falls will be on display in a friendlier setting at the Akron Zoo.

The blue lobster named Clawdia came to live at the Akron Zoo in summer 2020 after Red Lobster employees recognized the rarity of her blue shell.

Clawdia will make her debut on Feb. 13 at the Komodo Kingdom, a new habitat built specifically for her.

In fall 2020, Clawdia went through a molting process that caused her to shed her exoskeleton. It’s a process experts say is vulnerable for lobsters, especially for Clawdia, who had to make a long journey before she ended up at the zoo.

As a result of molting, she no longer has a solid blue color, but rather a combination of blue, yellow, green and orange colors.

The University of Maine Lobster Institute says the likelihood of catching a blue lobster is one in 200 million. The coloration is a result of a genetic anomaly.

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