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Day 4: Murder trial of mother, boyfriend accused of killing 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett continues

Posted at 8:55 AM, Mar 05, 2019
and last updated 2019-03-26 11:16:05-04

CLEVELAND — Day 4 of the murder trial of 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett's mother, Sierra Day and her mother's boyfriend, Deonte Lewis continues Tuesday.

The day began with testimony from Day's sister, Aniya Day-Garrett's aunt. In her testimony, Day's sister described how her sister became very distant from her family and wasn’t coming around as much as she used to before she met Deonte Lewis.

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Next to testify was a social worker for the Cuyahoga County Division of Child and Family Services.

After the social worker's testimony, Jennifer Kroccak, a detective with the Euclid Police Department, provided detailed testimony on Aniya’s death and subsequent investigation.

Day 4 of the trial concluded Tuesday afternoon with testimony from Dr. Joseph Felo, a forensic pathologist for the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner's Office. He provided grisly details on Aniya's death, which left several jurors physically shaken.

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On Monday, Aniya Day's father took the stand.

On Friday, the second day of the trial, featured disturbing photos of Aniya’s injuries as well as evidence suggesting that Day and Lewis attempted to clean the crime scene before calling 911 to report Aniya wasn’t breathing.

Day and Lewis face charges including aggravated murder. Both are being tried at the same time.

“There is a deep bruise over her left eye. It was swollen shut,” said Euclid police Sgt. Craig Murowsky as he described photographs of Aniya’s body that were submitted into evidence. “There [are] multiple discolorations around her lower back area. There looks to be two parallel abrasions that appear to be later in the healing process in her lower back area.”

Another detective described the injuries as "very disturbing."

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