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Convoy of trucks removing construction debris from East Cleveland recycling plant

90% of fire's hot spots have been extinguished
Posted at 4:58 PM, Oct 31, 2017

There’s finally some good news for neighbors who live next to a huge recycling center in East Cleveland.


Ninety percent of the hot spots from the fire are out.


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Meanwhile, six large dump trucks are now being used to haul away construction debris piled high behind neighbors homes on Noble Road.


The trucks are taking the debris to a landfill in Solon.

The Ohio EPA says the mammoth pile will be completely gone by June, if not sooner.
"We are moving the material, which isn't supposed to be moved for another two to three months, it's being moved immediately, and once the burning stuff cools we'll start moving that off site too," said East Cleveland Fire Chief Mike Celiga.
Meanwhile, three days after the pile - stacked five stories high and seven acres long - caught fire, firefighters are still putting out hot spots.

That means fire hydrants throughout the neighborhood are being used 24-7, which is putting a strain on water pressure in the neighborhoods near the plant.

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Resident Ed Dillard said his water pressure kept going out throughout the day.
"It's running out of the faucet, but then you go in there an hour or two later and it's the same thing very low, you turn the water on and it's very slow, and you turn it up as high as you can get it and it's still slow," said Ed Dillard.
East Cleveland’s fire chief said low water pressure will continue on and off until all of the flare ups from the fire are put out.
"I can sympathize and empathize with the citizens that are complaining about that and have issues with that, but also if we didn't put the fire out there would be other issues," Celiga said.