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News 5 investigation into Cash App impersonator scheme hits a nerve nationwide

Cash App customers fell for fake employees
People from all over the country respond to our ongoing Cash App impersonators scheme.
Posted at 5:15 PM, Apr 22, 2021
and last updated 2021-04-22 19:27:33-04

CLEVELAND — Our 5 On Your Side investigation into criminals posing as Cash App employees has hit a nerve with people across the country. After our last report, we heard from so many people who’ve been fooled and lost money.

“For somebody to take advantage of people who really need the money like that, it’s just terrible,” said Nicole Harris, 48, from Fort Wayne, Indiana. She saw our most recent report about Cleveland-area Cash App customers being scammed out of thousands of dollars.

“If this helps one other person, then I’ve done my good deed for the day,” said Harris.

Crooks take control of account

She and her car mechanic thought they were being helped by the real Cash App. Harris was having her car fixed. She tried to pay through Cash App, but something was wrong.

The mechanic called Harris with, unfortunately and unknowingly, the fake Cash App support on the other line.

“(The conversation with the crook) was not what was the transaction? What was your hashtag?” noticed Harris. “It is let me connect to your Cash App right now so I can see it.”

Once the criminal had control of her account, Harris sent $999 through. The fake rep said it was not going to be taken out. It was just a test. He was lying to her the entire time.

“‘Ma'am, I want to connect to your computer to help you. I want to help you get your money,’” said Harris, quoting the criminal.

Woman from Chicago lost nearly $1,700

Schihidia Dailey from Chicago knows all about the lies, too. She told us a friend tried to send her nearly $1,400, but there were issues with it going through. She Googled a phone number for Cash App support like our local victims. The crook told her to download another app.

“’It’s so that I can take control over your Cash App,’ is what he told me,” said Dailey. “And so I let him control the Cash App.”

Dailey had some money already in her Cash App account and then it was all gone, nearly $1,700. She said it sounded like a real call center, people in the background taking phone calls. Plus, somehow the supposed employee had her personal info.

“He was confirming my identity and he was like, ‘Are the last digits of your social da-da-da-da. Which, again, made me think it was Cash App,” she told us.

People from many other states contact News 5

Since our last report, we’ve heard similar stories from people around the country. New York City, Baltimore, Fort Worth, TX — people in states like Florida, Washington, New Mexico and so many more in response to our reporting. We will be sending all info to the real Cash App, especially after hearing the effects the lost money has had.

“I’ve had to pick up side jobs, just housing-sitting for people and things of that sort,” said Dailey.

“I got overdraft fees. and then I got return check fees. and then I got late fees,” said Harris. “I took out two pay-day loans just to pay my rent in April.”

Harris questioned if the company is really doing all it can to help stop these scams, because more and more people are losing thousands every day.

Cash App responds

Cash App told us it is actively working on several areas, including improving search rankings and discoverability of Cash App’s help pages and customer support contact information. It also has an updated number — 800-969-1940 — that customers and non-customers can call seven days a week.

If you’re having a problem with lost money through Cash App, email our investigators at

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