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After three ectopic pregnancies and a miscarriage, one family says embryos at UH were all they had

Posted at 6:20 AM, Mar 29, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-29 06:42:40-04

Frances and Christopher Evans tried to have kids for years before they realized they couldn't.

"I experienced three ectopic pregnancies and one miscarriage so in that time they had to remove both of my fallopian tubes so there was no chance for me to have a child the normal way, naturally," said Frances.

The pair quickly turned to IVF at University Hospitals and two years later they were blessed with a baby boy.

"At least we do have Christian right now, but I mean some people didn't even get this far, some people failed three or four times," said Christopher.

The couple was able to store 11 embryos at UH.  They thought they were safe until a few weeks ago when they got the shock of their lives.

"Now that I know that they're not there anymore and that they are destroyed, my emotions are everywhere," said Frances.

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On Monday, University Hospitals sent a letter to all 950 families that were affected by a refrigerator malfunction that likely destroyed all 4000 embryos and eggs inside.

They say, someone turned off the alarm that should have alerted staff to rising temperatures.
Now Christopher's dream of having a baby girl is at risk.

"I got a couple friends that have daughters and daughters love daddy," he said with a smile.
UH sent several letters to patients and posted on social media.

"Something has to happen and I don't think a letter, I don't think a Facebook post is valid enough for me at least," said Christopher.  "Maybe they can come to my house and shake my hand and tell me how sorry they are, I don't know but it has to be something."

The Evans fortunately can try again, but with the emotional and physical toll the procedure took on their family the first time they aren't sure how to move forward.