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Amy Mihaljevic case gets national exposure, police get new leads

"We're encouraged by the response of the public," police said
Amy Mihaljevic
Posted at 6:37 PM, Jan 28, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-11 10:33:19-05

BAY VILLAGE, Ohio — New leads in a cold case that has haunted the Bay Village Police Department and community for nearly 30 years, the murder of Amy Mihaljevic.

Investigation Discovery recently aired a three-hour special and police said they have received dozens of tips and leads.

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“We’ve received between 75 and 100 leads and tips,” said Bay Village Police Chief Mark Spaetzel.

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“Some of them are repeats, some of them are information we already have, and some are brand new,” said Spaetzel.

Amy Mihaljevic, 10, was lured to a Bay Village shopping center after a phone call from a man promising to help her buy a gift for her mom who was recently promoted at work. “Two classmates saw a male talking to her and that was the last time we saw Amy,” said Spaetzel.

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Her body found 50 miles away in rural Ashland County by a jogger in February 1990. “What is the connection between Northeast Ohio and Ashland County?” said Spaetzel. “We’re always looking for the connection between the two."

Bay Village police are in contact with Amy’s dad often, but her mom died without knowing who killed her daughter. Police are now reaching out to her friends, hoping they can help. “Anyone who knew Margaret, please contact us,” said Spaetzel. The horsehead earrings, black studded boots and black Buick binder that belonged to the little girl have never been found, all items that might be key to catching her killer.

Anyone with information about the abduction and murder of Amy Mihaljevic is asked to call 440-871-1234.