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What we know about slain Beachwood doctor and his two sons

Posted at 5:59 PM, Aug 14, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-14 17:59:55-04

After a Beachwood doctor was found dead inside his home last week, police said on Tuesday that his sons, who committed suicide at their father's second home in South Euclid, are responsible for their father's death. The deadly sequence of events had sparked questions about their past relationship with their father and what led up to the tragic events.

The latest

Police said Michael and Mark Warn are responsible for the death of their father, Dr. Richard Warn, who was found upstairs in his home on Brentwood Road. Police believe he was shot five to six times but weren't sure how long he had been dead when his body was found by officers.

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As a result of the violent death of Dr. Warn, police executed a search warrant to his other home on Elmwood Avenue in South Euclid. A SWAT team attempted to make an entry using an armored vehicle, but was met with gunfire.

After 12 hours of negotiation, his two sons turned the guns on themselves, authorities said.

Police calls reveal troubled past

The calls made by Dr. Warn and his wife from their Beachwood home on Brentwood Road to police dating back to 2004 show a rocky past between the doctor and his two sons.

On April 18, 2004, Dr. Warn went to the Beachwood Police Station to say he was having a difficult time disciplining his children as arguments between them continued to escalate. He told officers that he believed his children were having a difficult time because he recently went through a divorce. Dr. Warn asked police for advice on how to handle the situation.

Fast forward to 2015. The woman, identified as his wife in the police report, called the police to report that there was someone in her house. She told police she was hiding in the bathroom and that she "could still hear voices in the house," according to a report.

Police surrounded the home to find two people walking around in the downstairs living room. Dr. Warn, who arrived to police at his home, said he suspected his sons were in the house.

Once inside the home, Michael and Mark Warn were located in the living room. Michael Warn told police that they were in the house "looking for hats."

Dr. Warn told police that he thought he sons "were no longer welcome" at the house without his permission since they no longer lived there. The couple didn't want to press any charges at the time.

Later that night, police went back to Dr. Warn's home. Dr. Warn played a voicemail left by his son Michael on Sep. 22 telling his father that there was mold at the Elmwood home and it was no longer inhabitable.

In the report, Michael said "people do crazy things when they do not get enough sleep." He warned his father that if he didn't give him money, Jehovah will "be upset and might start burning s***," according to the report.

Both Dr. Warn and Jane Warn didn't want to press any charges at the time.

Who are Mark Warn and Michael Warn?

The sons of Dr. Richard Warn both committed suicide inside a South Euclid home early Saturday morning, according to the medical examiner.

Mark Warn attended Tri-C as a part-time student between 2012 and 2014, according to Tri-C spokesperson John Horton.

Neither son has a criminal history.

Calls made from home where doctor's sons were found dead

The South Euclid home, owned by Dr. Warn, where the sons of the slain Beachwood doctor were found dead early Saturday, has a history of calls to police.

In a five year period, from 2011 to 2015, the residents inside the home on Elmwood Road sent 22 calls to police for everything from high water in the street, a tow truck blocking the driveway to a call about  "some weird light show" happening on the street.

The report doesn't list who made the calls to police.

  • On Sep. 12, 2011, police were called about a group of juveniles who were walking in the street and yelling
  • July 30, 2012, police were notified that there was a hole from a BB gun in a second story window. The caller told police he wanted them to keep an extra eye on his house.
  • May 31, 2013, the caller told police a white truck was parked in front of the house. Police said the car was parked legally.
  • On May 18, 2014, police were called about two people trying to open the front door at the home on Elmwood Road. The caller said they were shaking the door and appeared to be two women. Police secured the house and were told by the caller that they have the people on camera, but wouldn't elaborate further.
  • About a month later, on June 29, 2014, police got a call from someone at the residence reporting a parked green sedan was outside the home for 20 minutes. The caller believed someone may be casing his house. He told officers that the person in the vehicle was enjoying a Slurpee.
  • In a separate incident, someone inside the home called police to report a man was in front of the home changing his clothes.