Son calls 911 after finding Lake Township couple dead in home

Posted at 3:01 PM, Jun 13, 2017
and last updated 2017-06-14 13:53:53-04

A newly released 911 call gives new information about the moments after a Lake Township couple was found dead in their home Monday. 

Rogell Eugene John II, 71, and Roberta Ray John, 64, were found dead by Rogell's son.

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The family member called 911 after finding their bodies.

Read a transcript of the call below: 

Jason: Uh… police and medical, I think. I just stopped by my dad’s house to check on them and I, I think he and his wife might be dead.

Dispatch:  What’s the address?

Jason: 1345 Mount Pleasant Street Northwest 

Dispatch: Ok, now who are these people?

Jason: My father and step-mother.

Dispatch: And they’re both in the house together?

Jason: Yes. I, I hadn’t heard from them. They came back from vacation yesterday, I hadn’t heard from them today and my father works or me, he’s supposed to be running one of my warehouses. I’ve been trying to call him all day so when I got out of my warehouse, I stopped by his house to check and see what was going on. All of their things were still (pause, breathing) by the stairs where they come in. Their dog was laying on his, on his side barking. There was poop, dog poop on the floor so I checked throughout the house and couldn’t find anyone. I noticed that one of the bedroom’s doorknobs was broken off… (breathing) I took the screwdriver from my multi-tool and turned it… and they’re… both in there. She’s on the bed, he’s on the floor and neither one of them’s responding.

Dispatch: Ok, alright. Does it look like it was a medical thing, or….

Jason: I don’t know.

Dispatch: Any, uh, gunshot wounds or anything like that?

Jason: I,I, I honestly, I didn’t look. I saw her legs sticking out from under the blanket on the bed, I saw… and then I just sort of lifted up the corner of the blanket that was over him and saw, what I, I don’t know if it was blood, I don’t know…

Dispatch: Ok, can I get your name, sir?

Jason: My name is Jason, the first name, last name is John, J, O, H,N.

Dispatch: Ok, your phone number Jason? 

Jason: [redacted]

Dispatch: Ok, so, do you see any blood or anything like that next to them?

Jason: I, I don’t know if it was blood or not. I saw some spots in there… I, as soon as I saw what was going on I immediately walked out of the house. I’m standing in the driveway right now.

Dispatch: You said the door handle was broke off, is that normal?

Jason: The doorhandles was… no, it was missing from the bedroom door. I wasn’t sure what happened so I…

Dispatch: Ok, sir I’m going to get the authorities right out there, ok?

Jason: Yeah, thank you.