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Search for killer continues two months after I-77 shooting in Green

Driver injured in highway chaos wonders where investigation stands
Posted at 5:41 PM, Oct 23, 2023

GREEN, Ohio — More than two months have passed since a homicide on a local highway shocked many drivers.

The Summit County Sheriff's Office continues to investigate the high-profile crime, but it's not clear if detectives are any closer to charging the killer.

News 5 made several requests for an update on the case, but messages were not returned as of Monday evening.

On Aug. 3, an ODOT camera captured shots being fired from the passenger side of a pickup truck into a black SUV on I-77 south in Green. The SUV careened across the median and into the northbound lanes before slamming into a Mercedes driven by Ann Shuman.

"And then I realized the car was coming towards the grass and started shooting through the grass. That's kind of when it went into slow motion and I could see the dirt fly," Shuman said.

The man who was shot in the SUV, 32-year-old Marquise Banks, was killed.

His mother said she continues to deal with the emotional pain caused by the sudden loss.

"I just want my son to get his justice and his peace. My son did not deserve that. That was my baby, my only son," she said.

Shuman believes detectives are hard at work on the case, but expected more movement on the investigation by now.

"I guess I'm surprised a little bit that they haven't found anyone, that there wasn't more evidence of something, or that they can tie someone to," Shuman said.

In August, investigators told News 5 that a search warrant was executed in New Philadelphia in connection to the case. They said they were working to track down the pickup truck and identify the shooter. At the time, Inspector Bill Holland said the motive wasn't known.

Shuman said the callous nature of killing someone on a busy highway is hard to imagine.

"Obviously, they have no regard for life when they're criminals, and they just do what they want to do for their criminal enterprise," she said.

The ODOT video shows Shuman's car being spun around on I-77 after the collision.

She suffered bruises and several cuts to her arm from flying glass, but remarkably, her injuries were not serious.

Still, the emotional trauma lingers for her.

"Emotionally, I have a really hard time driving down that part of 77 and going through there," she said.

Shuman hopes detectives are making progress and believes locating the gunman who caused so much chaos would bring peace to her and others.

"Hopefully for that family of the man that was killed, they can find some justice for him too," she said.