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Ohio Marijuana Medical Card to give away 25 free evaluations per month

Posted at 8:38 AM, May 01, 2019

CLEVELAND — Ohio Medical Marijuana Card, the state's largest provider of medical marijuana evaluations, announced Wednesday that it's giving away 25 free medical marijuana evaluations each month in an effort to help ease the financial burden for patients who need help offsetting costs of medical marijuana.

Due to limited availability, medical marijuana costs throughout Ohio are significantly higher than neighboring states.

Ohio Medical Marijuana allows patients to pay for their appointments with installment payments, in addition to extending a $100 discount to veterans.

Here is how the costs breakdown:

  • $250-$300 for a doctor's visit to get a medical marijuana recommendation
  • $50 to activate a patient registry card
  • $45-50 for roughly 2 grams of medical marijuana (higher than many illegal sales in Ohio)

Ohio Medical Marijuana Company President Connor Shore said they have no control over the pricing at dispensaries.

“Patients can submit a request for an appointment fee waiver on our site. We only ask that qualifying patients explain their situation, be honest and understand that we cannot help everyone," he said.

To submit for waiver, go here.


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