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Why are so many Browns fans supporting Myles Garrett?

Posted at 5:22 PM, Nov 18, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-19 13:16:22-05

CLEVELAND — It’s been four days since Myles Garrett got into a nationally-televised fight with Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph that ended with the defensive end clubbing the quarterback with his own helmet.

The national media has since set about destroying Garrett, saying that this ugly incident will be his legacy.

That may be the case nationally, but is it true in Cleveland?

Since Garrett was drafted by the Browns in 2017, he has arguably been the most active professional sports player when it comes to interacting with the people of Northeast Ohio.

Many fans can recite these by heart.

Going to a fan's house
There was the time Garrett hand-delivered a signed jersey to a fan. Garrett had tweeted out that if anyone had a dinosaur, he would trade it for the jersey. He didn’t have a jersey on him when Eric Scalfano handed him the dinosaur, but seven months later Garrett showed up to his house with the signed jersey in hand.

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Puppy play date
Earlier this year, Garrett adopted a puppy and decided to host a puppy play date with fans so he could sign autographs for them while his dog was able to get some exercise.

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GOT watch party
Before the disappointing Games of Thrones finale, Garrett was going to plan a watch party for fans, where all of the proceeds went to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation. Although the watch party fell through, he still encouraged his followers to dress up and then hosted a surprise pop-up party for fans after the finale.

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'I gotcha bro'
When Garrett went to the Summit Mall in May and walked into the Apple store and heard a fan couldn’t afford to pay for his new phone, Garrett paid for it on the spot. The fan, JJ Remmy, said it was going to cost $115.99 to get a new phone, but, unfortunately, he had spent all of his money getting a title for his car. Just as he was leaving the store, Remmy ran into Garrett. Remmy said he offered to pay him back, but Garrett just smiled, shook his hand and said “I gotcha bro, don’t worry about it.”

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Help for Africa
The NFL has recognized Garrett for his good work by naming him captain of the Waterboys Program. Waterboys is an initiative is committed to bringing clean water to East African communities in need.

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Garrett’s legacy may be tarnished forever nationally, but here in Northeast Ohio,judging by the way fans are supporting him, he'll at least be given the chance to write himself a different ending,