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Harvard Avenue resident: 'Harvard looks as though it's getting ready to cave in'

Posted at 7:32 AM, Feb 13, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-13 11:26:56-05

Cleveland is a city that’s no stranger to potholes, and Harvard Avenue near JFK High School may be one of the worst.

Kimberly Brown, who considers herself a social activist of quality of life issues, raised concerns about the street, even suggesting it should be shut down.

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“Harvard looks as though it's getting ready to cave in and what I'm afraid of”, said Brown.

She says the street has caused damage to her car, and she’s stuck with the $532 price tag it’ll take to fix it.

Brown also says she’s worried the dangerous holes could pose a threat to the students close to the high school. “I'm afraid that you're going to find a bystander there and somebody is going to get hit”, she said.

Lou Coffer lives off Harvard, and he says he had to switch vehicles with how bad the street became. “I had to buy a larger car so I could make it to work because the smaller cars wouldn't make it through the chuckholes”, said Coffer.

After hearing these complaints, and seeing the roads News 5 contacted the city. Dan Williams, the spokesperson for the City of Cleveland, called the potholes an emergency and the city filled them right away.

Though residents like Coffer are happy to see the troublesome holes fixed, there are questions about whether or not the city is actually keeping track of the dangerous roads.

A recent roads report cost the city $600,000, but according to them, few lists actually reveal the streets that were graded in the study, and its unknown whether or not this stretch of Harvard was included.

The city maintains that Harvard Avenue is scheduled for resurfacing at some point this year.