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'It was just so windy and so violent' — Storm rips off roof, topples trees in Holmes County

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Posted at 5:12 PM, Jun 14, 2022
and last updated 2022-06-14 18:35:56-04

MILLERSBURG, Ohio — Crews throughout Holmes County spent much of the day clearing trees and working to restore power after straight-line winds Monday evening tore through the area.

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At its worst, AEP Ohio told News 5 they had 150,000 customers without power.

Radar estimated those straight-line winds were anywhere from 70 to 90 mph. While there is always a rush to restore power after a storm, there may be even more urgency after this one, given temperatures are expected to climb into the 90s on Wednesday.

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“Make sure you’re making plans now,” Jay Garrett with AEP Ohio said. “These outages could be extended depending where you are and the impact of the damage. We are working to get those restoration times out as quickly as possible, but now is the time to plan if you know anybody, a neighbor, a family member who might be elderly or anyone who may require extra care to make sure we take care of each other to get through this situation.”

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At Tonn’s Honey in Millersburg, owner Phillip Beachy watched as the wind tore off the roof of his building.

“It was just so windy and so violent,” Beachy said, adding, with a smile, “This community rallies around disaster and you just get the word out and people come to help."

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Volunteers help repair the roof at Tonn's Honey in Millersburg.

Beachy said he expects the roof to be replaced by the end of the day, but the damage done inside will take more time.

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