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Macedonia pauses all city 'fests' following shots fired at Summerfest

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Posted at 8:22 AM, Jun 09, 2024

Days after shots were fired following the fireworks celebration at Macedonia's SummerFest celebration, the mayor's office announced that future seasonal festivals would be put on hold.

While the department does have a suspect in custody after shots were fired Saturday night, it's not clear if that person was the one who fired the shots. The suspect's name and charges haven't been released.

Families told News 5 they were forced to flee for cover when they realized the sound of fireworks was replaced with gunshots. No one was injured when the shots were fired.

The incident prompted Mayor Nick Molnar's administration to pause similar seasonal events going forward to keep the community safe.

Mayor Nick Molnar issued a statement regarding the incident:

"Normally at this time, I would be writing to you to celebrate a wonderful "Summerfest" event and how much fun was had by all. Unfortunately, this year, a few people have tarnished a tradition that Macedonia has held dear for decades. We are, however, extremely fortunate that no one was physically injured as a result of the stupidity that took place, which appears to have included individual(s) shooting a firearm into the air.

I want to again emphasize my gratitude to our Police, Fire, Dispatchers, Service and Recreation staff for reacting quickly and professionally to the adverse situation we all experienced. Suspect(s) were apprehended, and the criminal investigation is currently ongoing. As soon as it is appropriate, the perpetrator(s) will be prosecuted to the furthest extent of the law.

Moving forward, Summerfest, as we affectionately know it, will never be the same. I will not —and cannot, as Safety Director — allow the safety of our residents and City personnel to ever be compromised again as occurred Saturday evening, despite the significant planning and efforts made by the City for the event. We will be reevaluating all events going forward, and I have immediately paused all the City's seasonal "fests."

While I am certainly disappointed with what took place, my resolve to improve our community events is something I regard highly, and that remains. We have already begun extensive meetings and discussions about the future and what that may look like. We will continue communicating the City's conclusions regarding these events, which will always keep its focus on providing our residents with fun and safe programming their families can enjoy.

Thank you to all that attended, and I am sorry that bad decisions were made by a few individuals. I hope you have a wonderful summer and enjoy our wonderful community."

Issues at other festivals

St. Gabriel Parish Festival

A friendly family church festival in Concord Township got out of hand Saturday night, leading to multiple arrests and the event being shut down to "prevent the situation from escalating further," according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office.

The sheriff's office said that as the evening progressed there was an increase in "unruly behavior" from multiple people, mostly juveniles, at the event.

The number of issues at the festival increased to the point where deputies working the festival called for mutual aid from the Ohio State Highway Patrol and multiple neighborhood police departments. Minor injuries were reported, including one deputy who was working.

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St. Clare Church Festival

The Mayfield Heights police chief, Anthony Mele, recently voiced his frustration with the juvenile court system and annual church festivals after 200 juveniles went to the St. Clare Church Festival in Lyndhurst on June 1, where multiple fights broke out, spilling over into Mayfield Heights and causing several businesses there to close early.

Mele called on the juvenile courts to send a message that this type of behavior from unruly juveniles won't be tolerated, but he is doubtful anything will be done at that level.

10 juveniles arrested by Mayfield Heights police after fights break out at St. Clare Festival in Lyndhurst

"Unfortunately, that rarely happens in Cuyahoga County, and these kids know it," Mele said.

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