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'This is absolutely unacceptable': Brunswick Hills police looking for 2 drivers who failed to stop for school bus

Posted at 8:06 AM, Feb 20, 2020

BRUNSWICK HILLS, Ohio — The Brunswick Hills Police Department is trying to identify two vehicleswho passed a stopped school bus on State Route 303 Wednesday morning.

Surveillance video from a home captured two cars continuing westbound down State Route 303, despite the school bus having its flashing yellow lights on and the stop sign activated.

"This is absolutely unacceptable," Brunswick Hills police said in a Facebook post.

The homeowner who captured the two cars passing the school bus said it “happens every week."

“If police sit by my house, people will stop when they see the officer but will continue to do it when there's no officer around (like they currently do). So I'm giving this a try,” Rachael Fishman wrote.

Under Ohio law, drivers coming from either direction must stop at least 10 feet from the front or rear of a school bus that is stopped to pick up or drop off children, and may not proceed until the bus resumes motion. A driver does not need to stop where a highway has been divided into four or more traffic lanes and the bus is approaching from the opposite direction.


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