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Warehouse District shooting 1 year later: Safety still big concern for bar owners

County says sheriff's deputies still patrolling Downtown
Posted at 5:48 PM, Jul 09, 2024

CLEVELAND — Today marks one year since a shooting that wounded nine people happened in Cleveland’s Warehouse District downtown.

After the shooting on July 9, 2023, people noticed a difference in police presence but say it’s tapered off as crimes like carjackings plague the city.

Just last month, police had a close call with gunfire in the Warehouse District while investigating a possible carjacking.

Jackie Morere’s memory of the Warehouse District shooting hasn’t faded, and neither has her outlook on safety.

“I just remember that night,” Morere said.

She owns the Map Room on West 9th Street.

"It’s kind of like you’re just waiting for when’s the next thing going to happen,” Morere said.

One street over, surveillance video captured the chaos after the shooting.

People were running for cover, along with those who needed help with their injuries. Two victims shared their experience with News 5.

Warehouse District mass shooting victims share experience

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“Somebody from the group turned around and said, like, 'hello' to me, and I said, 'hi' back, and that’s when the shooting started,” Sierra Maben told us days later.

Maben was hit in both calves.

“We’ve unfortunately started closing a little earlier than normal just to make sure my staff is safe and gets out of here before the craziness happens,” Camino restaurant owner Ed Galindo said.

Galindo said his decision came after the Warehouse District shooting.

News 5 Investigators spoke with Galindo last month as Cleveland police looked for surveillance video in a carjacking case.

Police say someone fired a shot toward Operation Heat Wave detectives and a victim, and the victim was hurt.

Close call for Operation Heat Wave detectives investigating possible carjacking; victim shot

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“Even during the day, you see some unusual things going on; it seems like people are getting more brave,” Morere said.

New partnership will increase law enforcement presence downtown amid violence

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“When they had put the deputy sheriff’s in place and started the downtown crew that helped huge,” Morere said.

One year later, the county says the safety patrol is still active and has seized more than 200 guns.

The number of deputies patrolling hasn’t changed.

But the county says those deputies go to other communities when requested.

“We don’t see them Downtown in the Warehouse District as much as we used to because they’re out doing a lot more other stuff in the surrounding neighborhoods around the city,” Morere said.

Morere had her cameras positioned to see more of the street.

She has panic buttons at the bar, including one that alerts police.

“Cleveland police department they’re amazing whenever we call them and do need them they’re so short staffed,” Morere said.

She also has an officer in the bar on weekends.

“It’s nice to have an officer on hand if something goes wrong he’s literally right in the building for us,” Morere said.

Morere says she’s trying to keep her business the same but stay as safe as possible.

“A lot of the places have changed their hours down here for safety purposes. If it wasn’t for me having a police officer I probably would have changed my hours,” Morere said.

The shooting suspect has a trial date set for next week.

A second man charged in the case changed his pleas to guilty on tampering and obstruction charges and will be sentenced later this month.

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