Lakewood #RiseUpAgainstHate Exhibit, bringing the community together through art

Posted at 6:48 PM, Jan 20, 2017
and last updated 2017-01-20 19:00:45-05

Today's inauguration is highlighting a divide in our country's political views, but news 5's Lauren Wilson found one art shop in Lakewood, determined to bring the community together, with just the stroke of a brush.

This wall is very spiritual, said Nancy Cintron, owner of the Good Goat Gallery about her most recent exhibit called #RiseUpAgainstHate.

She said when she looks at the art submitted, she she’s the possibilities instead of defeat, “just changing peoples outlook, their behavior, trying to get people to be just kinder."

That's why she’s putting on the exhibit.

“Instead of being pessimistic instead of getting angry…we live in a democratic world so everyone has a different point of view and we should be excepting of it," she said.

And tonight her Lakewood art shop is giving artist, musicians, poets and even political clowns, a chance to come express themselves, with one goal in mind...hope.

“To have a free space, to have a cause, can really inspire you to bring out the creativity in somebody's heart," expressed Ron Fowler, political clown who will be there to bring people joy at the gallery tonight.

Ray Cintron, Latin Jazz Percussionist who’s band will be playing all night echoed the same sentiment, "they're calling it the divide states, and I think we're still United I think it's just we got to give it some time…and don't lose hope."

Recognizing the distrust and angst on both sides, she told me she knew she had to do something to achieve that unity.

“I would see people post things, people would get angry because of other people's points of view so I thought that I wanted to try make a difference with just creating positive art," she said.

With walls draped with artwork from children and adults alike, Cintron expressed that no matter what people are feeling, she hopes her gallery can be a safe place for expression.

"It's very healing. This is my art therapy and I put it out there for the other artists to have them feel better."

And on a day when emotions and tensions are high, she told me she's glad she can do her part locally at least, to change the conversation.

“I'm hoping that it raises an awareness for people to not to be hateful to others... People just need to be more open-minded and accepting," Cintron said.

The exhibit will be up here at Good Goat Gallery for the 2 weeks. Fifty percent of all artwork purchased will be donated to charities benefiting refugee children and Native Americans in Standing Rock.