Academic Challenge

Saturdays, 7 p.m., News 5

Season premieres Saturday, Dec. 2, 2017

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Academic Challenge

What is Academic Challenge?

Winner of 12 Emmy Awards, Academic Challenge is one of the longest running locally produced shows in television history. The mission of Academic Challenge, where students are the stars of each show, is to shine the spotlight on academic excellence and the importance of education in all of our communities.

Each week, students representing schools from all around Northern Ohio use their brains to battle toward the season championship. Three teams compete for points by answering questions covering such topics as math, science, history and current events. At the end of each program, the points are totaled and at seasons' end, the three highest scoring teams return for the Championship match.

Westfield Insurance has been the proud sponsor of Academic Challenge since 2003. Each season, Westfield Insurance awards over $20,000 in grant money to the top 10 scoring teams. This money must be specifically used by the winning schools for the benefit of, and to assist with, the educational needs of all students.